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.able has emerged from 20 years experience in the internationalcoffee industry and our desire to use coffee as a catalyst for socialchange. We are the first coffee roastery in the world to have createdan inclusive and accessible supply chain, from the farmer to theconsumer, for people with disabilities. Click our logo to the right to see our journey first hand.

In order to bring our brands together we will be changing all our Wellington Coffee Co-op customers to .able Coffee Collaborative to enable you to benefit from the upgrades we have made to our packaging and support.

Wellington is NZL’sCapital for a greatcup of coffee.

Wellington is New Zealand’s Capital City. Wellington is also the capital of coffee roasting. The whole business of coffee roasting took off when a down on his luck Kiwi film maker got the supremely good idea of roasting coffee while waiting for Hollywood to call. At the Wellington Coffee Co-op we salute that man by continuing the tradition of thinking outside the box when it comes to roasting really good coffee and keeping our customers happy with a great product.

By roasting small batches of coffee the Wellington Coffee Co-op can supply variety and freshness as well as consistency. We’re a small local roaster, committed to ensuring you get to enjoy the best coffees from all parts of the world. Our selection is one of the best you can get from a boutique local roaster.